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The Incredible Stories of Bimi Boo and Friends

A curious puppy cannot sit still, pulling his friends into adventures to explore everything – no matter how silly, no matter how difficult.

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The curious and easily-excited puppy Bimi Boo explores the world along with his very diverse friends.
There is nothing out there that Bimi Boo can’t probe, interact with or explore.

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Adventure, Educational, Preschool, Comedy






To inspire children to venture into the world curiously, not to be afraid of asking questions, to find
their authentic voice, to explore, to figure out their unique passions, teaching them that you can do
great things no matter how tiny you may be.

The series focuses on


Bimi Boo and his friends bring to life different interests, personalities and topics. They are created to represent
different kinds of children, allowing them to find themselves in the characters and discover their passions. Each character
has a unique trait and topic that they teach about. The characters have very diverse personalities: some are shy,
some are nerdy, some are highly outgoing, some are brave, some are artsy. The series features
scientists and artists, explorers and storytellers, strong female leads and sneaky troublemakers.

Rudy & Alex

Alex and Rudy are raccoon twins. Alex is in purple. Rudy is in green. They are pranksters and troublemakers, they are up to no good! With Alex the sinister mastermind in the duo and Rudy in it for the laughs. The twins always create problems, willingly and unwillingly, crisis and chaos.

Despite their troublemaking character, they have a deep fear of missing out on the fun that their friends are having and will join them in almost anything.


Ben is a hippo who is all about the healthy lifestyle. A garden full of veggies and fruits, a passion for taking care of the earth and healthy nutrition, when Ben lectures about the harm of chemicals with his deep baritone voice, you know he means business.

Ben has a closet full of trophies and medals from his years as an athlete so he knows what it truly means to take care of your body.

Bimi Boo

Bimi Boo is a puppy, not a bear! As the main character, Bimi guides his friends into exciting adventures.

Bimi is the curious 4-year-old forever excited with the thing around him, he is interested in almost everything. His ultimate happiness is hanging out with his friends, exploring, discovering something new, and thriving into the “beyond”. After all, there is always something new and exciting out there.


Charlie is a cat and Bimi’s best buddy. Charlie loves video games and all the latest gadgets. He is the only one from among his friends who has a cellphone.

Charlie’s curiosity and troublemaking nature as a cat gets the better of him sometimes as he climbs onto things to “explore” them, pushing buttons that he is not supposed to push and accidentally breaking things while handling them without permission.


Heidi is an active bubbly bunny! She will hop and show you the funkiest dance moves! Need to get up and get your heart rate going? Happy occasion and no dance? Heidi will make her friends get up and move in her “brand new dance!” Heidi is loud and cheery, the social butterfly of the group who is always up for a good time.

She doesn’t like grey moody days and always strives to bring some color and cheer.


Lindsey is a brave little squirrel with a big dream: to fly high! To feel the wind in your ears! Got a question about flying devices? How do airplanes fly? She got you covered.

Lindsey might sometimes be quiet when on the ground, but when she puts on her aviator’s helmet, stretches on her goggles, and hops into her airplane, her doubts and fears are blown away with the wind. If you need to fly somewhere, she is sure to help!


Maggie the llama is the mature one, the bookworm, the “Wikipedia”, pulling a book out of thin air to explain in a teacherly manner that “the voice in the well is actually your echo” or tell you about the water cycle. She loves reading to her friends and they love to listen. Deep in her heart, she carries the mission of enthusing everyone around her that books are the most amazing magical things in the world.


Moony is the storyteller, the magician, the imagination expert with a fantastic explanation of the most basic things. He can wear strange hats, invent rich histories and find extraordinary use in ordinary items. He makes up his stories on a go and tells them in a mysterious and articulate manner. When Moony isn’t telling stories he is doing magic tricks and convincing his friends that “magic is real“!


Nicole is a very French blue bird who is creative and loves “ze art!” Nicole has a pure and innocent vision of the world, highly sensitive, especially to beautiful things. She can spend hours painting in her garden or studio.

Nicole teaches friends about the importance of art, culture and art history. She sees beauty in everyone and everything, seeing the best in all her friends.


Steve might not be the biggest fish in the sea but he sure is the smartest! Except he is not in the sea anymore since he is smart enough to build a robot body-aquarium and join his friends on adventures on land! Steve is an inventor, a visionary, who doesn’t like following “the rules”.

He loves physics, math, and science, always teaching his friends about different scientific things.

Social Emotional Learning and Non-Formal
Educational Methodologies

The series holds valuable lessons and stories about self-awareness, agency, self-control, interpersonal skills vital for children
to find their place in the world and in their communities. The series’ learning patterns and visualizations are based on leading child development methodologies by Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Rudolph Steiner and Lev Vygostky. The implementation
of such methodologies allows a comprehensive and healthy child development, giving way for curiosity, creativity, fun,
humanity, heart, love for learning, teamwork and conflict resolution.

Complex Topics and Global Mindset

The series tackles difficult subjects in an easy-to-understand manner, teaching everything from
dance and art to physics and biology, as well as important lessons on friendship and kindness. The topics
are brought forward in an interactive and thought-provoking manner. The children are invited to think and
analyze along with the characters. The emphasis is placed on why and how things are the way they are
instead of what they are.

Season 1 is complete

Perfect for Co-Viewing

Parents like watching the series together with their kids because it helps them discover
what their little ones are passionate about, allowing them to guide their children through more
in-depth learning about a specific topic. Not to mention that it allows for a wholesome and fun family pastime!

Pitch bible

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and the friends in our Pitch bible

Mom’s Choice Awards Winner

44th Annual Telly Awards Silver Winner​

Original Kids Songs for Learning

Original Bimi Boo songs are available in each episode.

Bimi Boo songs (as well as popular children’s nursery rhymes) depict adventures that Bimi and his friends embark on. Perfect for sing-alongs, dances and learning something new with fun!

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marlies dubois

steven marriot

ken ruffelle

michelle weisbom

emily kate

daphne santos

erin neil

leon de luna

karilynne davies

will wood

angela gooliaff

danii meger

Produced by

ani poghosyan

Written by

ani poghosyan

terry newman

lottie finklair

jessica alpha

aaron schubert

amber prass

victoria bulanova

Art direction

vera bulanova

victoria bulanova

Art by

tumaris abbassova

julia lee

victoria bulanova

Composed by

alexander sukharev

eduardo garcia rascon

Directed by

jasurbek butaev

ani poghosyan


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